Kyma 7 arrived!

Kyma 7

As a Beta Tester I’ve been using Kyma 7 for a while and I totally recommend updating! All upcoming tutorials will use the new Kyma and therefore I can’t guarantee compatibility for Kyma X.

Thanks to Carla and Kurt who did an excellent job!

For more information check out the links below:

What’s new in Kyma 7?

Update from Kyma X

Kyma 7 – the Cure for Blank-Screen Syndrome

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  1. imsonar
    imsonar says:

    with the beta version there was no compatibility at all. Kyma was updating the Sounds for kyma7 and couldn t be opened in KymaX right….I am keeping a KymaX version of the Sounds… totally recommend the update too….:) BTW any updates on the Formants tutorial Gustav….?


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