Deeper in the Wire

In the last post I described how you can split up a spectral signal and how you can smooth the amplitudes and/or the frequencies. Now it’s time to get deeper

Johannes had a great idea in the forum: What if we had a smooth transition from original to processed signal? The Delay module’s feedback doesn’t work at sample rate so we need to build our own feedback. Thanks to Pete this is not a problem



So what’s happening here? The Spectrum is split up to left and right and then fed into a product module. The ScaleAndOffset is inverting the Feedback constant (Scale: -1 Offset: 1). The Feedback constant just contains the HotValue !Feedback which is mapped to 0-1 in the VCS. So this is nothing else than an ordinary VCA but when !Feedback is 0 the amplification is 1 and vice versa.

The same logic but without the inverting ScaleAndOffset prototype is happening to the Delay which is fed by the FeedbackLoopOutput. Remember the last post about smoothing the spectral signal: DelayScale and DelayFeedback always have to sum up to 1. These 2 signals get mixed together and go into the FeedbackLoopInput module.

Voilà! A Delay w/ Feedback using the FeedbackLoop prototypes

Now we replace the constant with an Oscillator driving a FullRamp at sample rate and we get a smooth transition of smoothing. Or you can use any sample rate control signal you like. In my case I decided to use a XenOscillator with random curves changing at BPM speed and some InputOutputCharacteristic prototypes to have control over the min/max values on both legs:



The results are some really nice spectral effects


This is an example of a DrumLoop processed with the Sound above stepping through some presets:



Download .kym file

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Very nice indeed! Thank you for your tutorials. I look forward to many hours of sound exploration guided by Spectral SR Vol One and NEL FFT.


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