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MIDI Control & Global Map

Although I’m really happy with the iPad and KymaControl when performing live I was seeking for a physical controller to provide some global controls. Therefore I purchased an AKAI MidiMix and hooked it up with Kyma today. I haven’t used any MIDI controllers with Kyma before so I wanted to share my experience with you.

Spectral Lab is launched!

          NeverEngine Labs™ presents Kyma 7 Spectral Lab Many would agree that spectral analysis and resynthesis has always been one of the most compelling reasons for using Kyma. As one of the earliest systems capable of realtime resynthesis from spectral data, the maturity and refinement of Kyma’s native spectral analysis capabilities cannot be under-estimated. […]

Rebuild: SoundMorph TimeFlux

Since my modules have been ported to the NeverEngine Labs there will be a little change in direction of my blog. Because the modules are not for free anymore I can’t share them here and I can’t do any tutorials on them. If you’re interested in that you might want to sign up for the […]

SPC SR Volume One Out Now!

Check out my modules at the NeverEngineLabs! It’s not just a visual improvement, the package contains a total of 33 modules for Kyma Seven! For those of you who are already familiar with my modules you may be interested in the additions: RealTimeStretch updated to use Interpolation so you don’t hear any frames at extreme timestretches ExtractFormants: […]

PitchShifting / Bending using the Product1 module

So yesterday I released the kymaguy Modules – but how do we use them properly? Well, let’s have a look at the Product1 module and how we can do some crazy PitchShifting / Detuning with it. We’ll start with a basic setup for Spectral Processing: use an analysis module (LiveSpectralAnalysis here), split the channels, join […]

kymaguy Modules v1.0 now available!

I proudly present to you the kymaguy Modules v1.0! I’m eager to hear your feedback and of course the Sounds you make! The first tutorial using one of the modules will be online tomorrow: Prepare for some weird PitchShifting using your iPad This is just the beginning…

Inspired by Buchla Spectral Processor

During some private coaching I was asked if it is possible to build something like the Buchla Spectral Processor in Kyma. Certainly the answer is yes Or as Pete once said to me: “Of course this is possible in Kyma, I just don’t know how it’s done yet.” Anyway, we just started to build it […]

Kyma 7 arrived!

As a Beta Tester I’ve been using Kyma 7 for a while and I totally recommend updating! All upcoming tutorials will use the new Kyma and therefore I can’t guarantee compatibility for Kyma X. Thanks to Carla and Kurt who did an excellent job! For more information check out the links below: What’s new in Kyma 7? Update […]

2015 Update – Kyma Coaching & Workshops

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are looking forward to an inspiring and educational year! For this reason I’m offering private Kyma coaching now! Also there will be a Kyma Workshop at the FH Salzburg/ Media Art Program at January 16th (Students only), and I’m sure there are more workshops to come And of course there […]