Rebuild: SoundMorph TimeFlux

Since my modules have been ported to the NeverEngine Labs there will be a little change in direction of my blog. Because the modules are not for free anymore I can’t share them here and I can’t do any tutorials on them. If you’re interested in that you might want to sign up for the upcoming Spectral Lab.

So I decided to do something different here and this will be a series called Rebuild where I deconstruct and rebuild commercial plugins in Kyma. Since Kyma is such a flexible programming environment you shouldn’t spend money on plugins, instead you should build them yourself. While this takes a little time to do it leaves you with the opportunity to modify and recombine them to your needs.

The first part will be a plugin you maybe already heard of: SoundMorph TimeFlux (if you haven’t click the link to check out the product page). Read more

SPC SR Volume One Out Now!


Check out my modules at the NeverEngineLabs!

It’s not just a visual improvement, the package contains a total of 33 modules for Kyma Seven!

For those of you who are already familiar with my modules you may be interested in the additions:

  • RealTimeStretch updated to use Interpolation so you don’t hear any frames at extreme timestretches
  • ExtractFormants: finally the long awaited algorithm to extract formants packed into a single module
  • SimulatedAnnealing Single/Dual: Mutant Morphing
  • ZeroCrossing Triggers up to 192 kHz
  • SR durationBetweenTriggers
  • Amps only, Freqs only and Join Amps & Freqs for improved visual feedback
  • Original Artworks by Cristian Vogel
  • Overall improved versions and bug fixes

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