PitchShifting / Bending using the Product1 module

So yesterday I released the kymaguy Modules – but how do we use them properly? Well, let’s have a look at the Product1 module and how we can do some crazy PitchShifting / Detuning with it.

We’ll start with a basic setup for Spectral Processing: use an analysis module (LiveSpectralAnalysis here), split the channels, join them again, and use a resythesis module (OscillatorBank here) to bring it back into the time domain. We want to treat the frequencies for PitchShifting, so we’ll insert the Product1 into the right leg. The resulting Sound looks like this:


Now for basic PitchShifting we’ll use a Constant for the Multiplier Input of the Product1 and use a HotParameter to control it. Read more