Smoothing a certain Number of Frames

While I was enjoying my christmas holidays the last week, I couldn’t help thinking about Kyma stuff This tutorial will certainly contain some math but don’t be afraid, it will not be that hard. At least I figured it out and I’m not a math genius at all..

Adjusting the feedback parameter to control the level of smoothing was something I was always unhappy with. Until you reach about 0.8 there’s not too much happening, but then a very small change makes a huge difference. Luckily I found a way to control the number of frames the smoothing will be applied

If you don’t know about smoothing spectral data have a look at these tutorials:

The Wire Between

Deeper in the Wire

So let’s start with a simple delay and see what happens if you feed an impulse (1 sample with the value 1) in it.
See what comes out if you use 0.7 for feedback:


Looks like an exponential function, right? It certainly is and we can prove it: Read more