Kyma da Gamba


Recently I’ve been working on a live improvisational music project with Willibald Rosner playing Viola da Gamba and me processing his input with Kyma (real-time controlled by Wacom and iPad KymaControl). Read more

Individual Oscillator Resynthesis

All of you Kyma Users know what an OscillatorBank is and how we use it to resynthesize spectral data. The OscillatorBank is very powerful and efficient but it is limited in a way that you can’t use individual processing for each partial. So I asked myself if there is way to resynthesize the spectral data with single individual Oscillators instead and came up with the following solution.

First we start with a SpectrumTrackSelector in between the SpectrumInRAM and the OscillatorBank to isolate one partial e.g. Track 1 which is the fundamental:


Now we need to get rid of the OscillatorBank. Read more