Smoothing a certain Number of Frames

While I was enjoying my christmas holidays the last week, I couldn’t help thinking about Kyma stuff This tutorial will certainly contain some math but don’t be afraid, it will not be that hard. At least I figured it out and I’m not a math genius at all..

Adjusting the feedback parameter to control the level of smoothing was something I was always unhappy with. Until you reach about 0.8 there’s not too much happening, but then a very small change makes a huge difference. Luckily I found a way to control the number of frames the smoothing will be applied

If you don’t know about smoothing spectral data have a look at these tutorials:

The Wire Between

Deeper in the Wire

So let’s start with a simple delay and see what happens if you feed an impulse (1 sample with the value 1) in it.
See what comes out if you use 0.7 for feedback:


Looks like an exponential function, right? It certainly is and we can prove it: Read more

Transmogrify a TomBak

For the next concert we will not use solely the Viola da Gamba but a TomBak as well.  We are planning to loop some rhythms and I’m currently exploring ways to transmogrify them. Today I stumbled across this weird thing with PitchShifting and soloing individual partials in a kind of random process. It’s quite complicated, I do not understand it myself

Enjoy this view inside “the lab”!

KISS 2014 is over…

…and I had a great time!


Thanks to Franz for organisation and hosting, and Marion of course you did an excellent job! Thanks to Carla and Kurt for making Kyma and thanks to all those wonderful people who use it! Especially Pete, thanks for all the great conversations we had about Sound, it’s so inspiring to talk to you!

For all the people who couldn’t make it: Yes, you did miss something But I will share everything I learned in Lübeck and of course there will be tutorials about the Sounds of my talk “Voice controlling Voice”. So stay tuned!


Kyma da Gamba


Recently I’ve been working on a live improvisational music project with Willibald Rosner playing Viola da Gamba and me processing his input with Kyma (real-time controlled by Wacom and iPad KymaControl). Read more

Individual Oscillator Resynthesis

All of you Kyma Users know what an OscillatorBank is and how we use it to resynthesize spectral data. The OscillatorBank is very powerful and efficient but it is limited in a way that you can’t use individual processing for each partial. So I asked myself if there is way to resynthesize the spectral data with single individual Oscillators instead and came up with the following solution.

First we start with a SpectrumTrackSelector in between the SpectrumInRAM and the OscillatorBank to isolate one partial e.g. Track 1 which is the fundamental:


Now we need to get rid of the OscillatorBank. Read more

Formant SoundScapes

It has been a while, got lots of other work to do… But in the meantime I’d like to give you a look inside “the lab”:

This is a realtime recording of me singing in my microphone. The Sound seperates the formants and I’m able to shift, freeze and smooth them – everything is work in progress by now. The formant extraction is really a tough thing to do. The whole thing is processed with some Granular Reverb as well.