It has been a while because I was busy supervising one of my projects at the mixing stage, but here it is: the next tutorial!

What about the dynamics of all those layered atmosphere sounds you usually build for a movie? They sound way too steady to be natural.. So what you have to do throughout the mixing is changing the volumes of the individual layers constantly to achieve natural dynamics. This is easily done by moving the faders but I thought maybe there is a way to do it on a meta-level by changing parameters and have the dynamics controlled by some kind of algorithm.

My first question was: How do I change the dynamics? Soon I realized that I need some kind of control signals e.g. LFOs and have them control the amplitudes of the samples (allthough there are maybe 100 other ways to do it – let me know your ideas :)). The boring thing about LFOs is their waveform because it’s repeating over and over again, never changing, which is unnatural. But anyway let’s start with 4 LFOs (LFOs are “Oscillators” in Kyma – no need for a dedicated LFO because it’s just an Oscillator with a very low frequency).

So set up something like this and make sure you mute your speakers when you compile it: - atmodynamics 1

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