Based on Douglas Murray’s guest contribution on about creating AirFill with a convolution reverb plugin (Unlimited “AIRFILL” to Fill your Every Need) I build a little Sound in Kyma.

Let’s start with the “CrossFilter_Long” prototype: Double-click it and basically all you need is right there: - airfill 1

Now replace the “source” with a “Noise (white)” prototype and replace  the sample in the “response” with a little piece of AirFill. Read more


There are certain effects you hear in about every modern movie – whooshes are one of them. But instead of using all the library stuff why don’t you create your own whooshes? Usually that’s what I do but using Pro Tools this can be quite time consuming because it’s not possible to build up a chain of processing and then choose whether to bypass certain things or not. When you want to reverse the sample at different stages of the processing things get even mor complicated. Luckily we have our Kyma Workstation

So what kind of processing do we need? I usually use the following:

– Change the Playback Rate (Varispeed)

– Pitch Shift

– Delay

– Reverb

– Reverse the Sample at different stages of the chain (e.g. reverse the reverberated sample)

Let’s begin with a sample. Changing the Playback Rate is very easy, just multiply “default” in the “Frequency” parameter field of the sample prototype with a hot value of your choice (e.g. default * !Varispeed). The next step is to build a bypassable Pitch Shifter using the “Polyphonic Pitch Shift Delayline” prototype and the “SelectableSound” prototype (just read the description, it is very easy to use – make sure to use a Toggle in the VCS). Since my sample is stereo I split the channels and process each of them. Afterwards I have to boost 6db to preserve unity gain. Have a look at the picture below: - whooshalizer 1

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